All Harbor Country Adventures vessels are federally documented and are inspected and certified annually by the USCG for passenger service. They are operated by U.S. Merchant Marine Officers, licensed and credentialed by the USCG, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
Harbor Country Adventures operates under, and is in compliance with, all applicable federal, state and local laws, operating rules and regulations including:
  • U.S. Coast Guard- 46CFR Passenger Vessels Subchapters T & K
  • U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security- 33CFR Subchapter H & Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Federal Communications Commission- 47CFR Telecommunications Part 80-87
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Indiana Liquor Control Commission

Public Health, Safety and Security Policies and Procedures

To ensure Harbor Country Adventures is in compliance with applicable federal, state and municipal laws, rules and regulations, the following policies and procedures are in place:
  • Smoking is prohibited on all Harbor Country Adventures vessels, This prohibition includes e-cigarettes.
  • All persons, packages, personal effects and bags are subject to search. Failure to consent or submit to screening will result in denial or revocation of authorization to board the vessel (33CFR104.265-33CFR105.255);
  • Only small bags are permitted on board the vessels;
  • Bags or luggage cannot be stored on the premises;
  • Weapons, including handguns, are not permitted on board any Harbor Country Adventures vessel, Law enforcement officials who are permitted to carry concealed weapons and who identify themselves to the Captain, and present official government-issued identification before boarding may be permitted on board or on the premises;